Tim Dodds is an Edinburgh based artist who has studied Fine Art at Edinburgh College of Art, Slade School of Art and Chelsea College of Art.


2019 Creative Scotland: Open Project Funding

2017 Moritz Heyman Pignano Residency

2017 Visual Art Award, Creative Scotland/Edinburgh Council

2015 Visual Art Award, Creative Scotland/Edinburgh Council

2013 RSA John Kinross Scholarship to Florence

2013 Andrew Grant Major Bequest Award

2003 Drawing Year Bursary, Royal Drawing School

2001 Slade Drawing Prize (awarded by Jeffrey Camp)

2000 Slade Drawing Prize (awarded by Paula Rego)

About my work:

I make paintings from makeshift models that I construct out of a wide range of materials.These models are unnameable and abstract in form – though perhaps suggestive of biomorphic or even human forms, they always remain ambiguous enough to conjure up a range of possible associations. In themselves, the models are so amorphous that only painting makes them substantial through the close interpretation of their appearance and form.

My approach is not only concerned with capturing how the models appear to me, but also about discovering a parallel between their physicality and the materiality of the painting. This involves balancing the concepts of painted object and paint as object. Intended ambiguations of space and volume, colour and light, background and foreground are deliberately brought about, for example, through: collaging textural materials into the paint; and imagery revealing itself through the accumulation of dripped, crinkled, dragged, and
coagulated paint.

Whilst the finished paintings present concrete, resolved imagery, they withhold any clear narratives or meanings. Ultimately it’s not about what the paintings depict, but a playful strategy for opening an intricate dialogue with the world around me and with the language of painting itself. Stroke upon stroke, the paint forms an entirely personal lexicon – visual, tactile, material, formal – which has a significance entirely contained within the activities of
the painting and the viewing of it.


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